Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Camera failure...

I was so ready to take lots of pictures at our friends wedding on Sunday and when I went to turn on the camera it wouldn't fully turn on. I did it multiple times, took the memory card out, the battery...everything. Our camera is broken!!! Pat looked at it and said now we can get our really nice camera...lol. So for Christmas hopefully we'll get some cash so we can get a new camera before the baby comes. I am so sad. I've had that camera for about three years now and it has been the most amazing camera ever. It hardly ever takes a bad picture. We will definitely be getting another Canon, that's for sure. And for the amount we've used it, we've gotten our moneys worth. The bad thing is, when Pat bought me the camera for Christmas I was mad at him that he spent so much! I never do that anymore when he buys me a gift now!

As promised, I took a belly picture on Sunday. Here is me at 21 1/2 weeks:

And this isn't the best picture, but here is Pat in his tux, jacket off of course! He looked so cute!

So wish me luck on finding a really good camera on sale in the next few months!


  1. I love both of the pics! Miss you guys...

  2. cute baby belly! I'm looking for a new camera also and i think i found the one i want!!!

  3. Thanks! Jo - whatcha looking at? Pat wants to get the Canon T1i but I'm not sure I want to spend that much! lol