Thursday, December 30, 2010

33 weeks...

I have less than 50 days, hopefully, until I see this sweet baby girl in my growing belly. Yesterday, we had our last ultrasound. The baby is head down, which is great, so lets hope she doesn't flip around. She was lazy and wouldn't wake up for us but she moved a little bit. Hopefully she isn't saving all of her energy for when she comes into this world. She can sleep all that she wants. She is weighing in at 4 lbs 14 ounces. I have a feeling she will come on February 13th. I have no idea why, I just have that date stuck in my head for some odd reason. Here is a picture of her face from yesterday:

Our birthing classes are going great. I am learning so much that I didn't know and am so glad that we are taking them. We have two more left and then we'll be done. It's so crazy how fast everything is coming up!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Pat got me a new camera, my parents got me a Kindle and my mother in law got me my NAP Sleeved blanket I've been wanting and my yearly ornament that is the prettiest by far. I can't wait to hang it on the tree next year. Of course this Christmas has no comparison on what next Christmas is going to be! I can't wait to dress Savannah up with all the cute holiday clothes and get her pictures done. I'm sure it will be here before we know it.

Enjoy the last two days of 2010 and I hope everyone has an awesome time bringing in the new year. Remember, don't drink and drive!!! It's not worth it. We will be going to our neighbors and hanging out. It's nice and close to home and if I get too tired I can leave Pat there and go home and sleep...hehe. Hopefully I can make it!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

31 weeks...

Yesterday was the start of my 31st week. This baby is going to be here in no time! We have yet to completely finish the nursery but hopefully on Sunday we can get it done. Saturday is my 4th and final baby shower and I can't wait to see all of my family and friends!

It's crazy that Christmas is next Saturday! Today I am getting all the boxes that I have to shipped to NY. Hopefully UPS isn't too busy today but I am sure they will be. After UPS, I will be spending my afternoon in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies. I hope I have everything I need!

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree. We weren't even going to put one up but then I just had to. Does anyone else have a special ornament? I do! Since 2004, my mother in law has bought me a crystal ornament, either Swarovski or Mikasa. They are my absolute favorite and I get excited every year to see what it looks like. I've read that people let their kids pick a new ornament every year and I think that is such a good idea. I think we will do that. Next year we'll go all out and decorate like crazy. And of course have a real tree!

8 more days till Christmas so if you haven't finished your shopping, you better get on it! Mine is done and I almost have everything wrapped too! Such a relief. I plan on staying away from the stores and malls this weekend. It's going to be insane. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 weeks...

As of today, I am 30 weeks pregnant. I'm almost down to single digit weeks which is just crazy. If the baby were to come early, she has a greater than 90% survival rate. Hopefully she stays in a little bit longer and decides to come around 38 weeks. lol. That way she is full term but a couple weeks early. I can dream, right?! With my luck, she'll want to stay in and I'll have to be induced. She has been moving like crazy and hurting my ribs. I don't mind though, I love when she moves! I am just so thankful to be able to experience being pregnant and going through all of this stuff that a lot of women take for granted. I'm ready for February though so I can hold this little girl already!!!

We got our infant car seat in the mail the other day. I know I blogged about how I hate the infant seats but with my mom watching the baby it was just easier this way so we don't have to buy two more car seats. The Britax that we have is just too big to switch from car to car so that will go in Pat's truck for now until she gets bigger and then we'll put it in my car and get a new seat for his. He wants one that looks like a racing seat or I told him he could get it when she is bigger.

Isn't it cute? I thought so! Pat liked it too which is a plus. Another good thing about getting the infant seat is that we can get a stroller frame for now instead of a huge stroller to lug around. I want to get a Maclaren umbrella stroller when she gets older so this will be perfect for now. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So I have the most amazing husband and step dad ever! My mom has been working a lot so she hasn't been able to do much Christmas shopping which is killing her so she wanted me to go with her on Saturday. That wouldn't have been a problem but Pat and I had already planned on working on the nursery. So my step dad offered to come over and help. Friday night Pat and I got the room painted. Saturday morning we got up and made breakfast for my parents. We made pancakes, eggs and bacon. It was yummy. I've been wanting pancakes but Pat doesn't like breakfast for dinner even though that used to be my favorite dinner growing up!!! After that my mom, Ally and I headed to the crazy mall. Ashley and her friend met up with us there. I got a few things crossed off my list and after I told my mom she had to start buying stuff she did too. hehe. When we got back to my house about 7 that night the nursery was all put together. They painted and hung the chair rail, steam cleaned the carpets and put together the crib, changer, end table and glider. It looks so good! I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. I appreciate everything they did to get the room ready while I was out shopping. Hopefully this week we get the closet organizer installed, some little spots touched up and finish decorating.

When we were at the mall, I came across a kiosk that sold hair bows so I decided to get Savannah her first bow. I am sure I'll be torturing her with them as she grows up! They are just too cute not to. I am in love with zebra print and hot pink right now. That is what I originally wanted to do the nursery in but couldn't find anything in those colors so I figured I could use it everywhere else.

We had our first birthing class last night. It was pretty informative and I am glad we are doing it but it makes for a long Monday. We left our house at 5:45, grabbed a bite to eat at Subway and made it to the class just as they were about to start at 7. That means for the next 5 weeks we'll have to leave even earlier. I don't get home from work until about 5:15ish so I have no time to just chill out. We didn't get home until about 10:15 or so. Pat did have to give me a 30 minute massage in the class which was pretty awesome since he hates doing it at home. My doctor's office, hospital I will be delivering at and the birthing class is all in Clear Lake which is about 45 minutes in traffic from our house. It's worth it though because the hospital by our house isn't as good and I'd rather drive a little further and know I am in good hands. Of course I was late to work this morning by 30 minutes. Hopefully I can wake up next Tuesday on time!!! I was just so exhausted and still am!!!

Benji has been awfully cuddly lately. Here is a picture of him all snuggled up with me while I was watching a movie the other day. He is just too darn cute. I know him and Bella are going to love Savannah!!! Bella already loves her toys....hehe

I hope everyone enjoys their week! And if you haven't started Christmas shopping yet, you better start soon. Only 18 days left!!!!!