Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have been in NY since Thursday with Savannah and we've had a great time so far. One of the best parts has been the friendship between Savannah and Gracie (her momma is my bestie). They have been having so much fun running around and playing with each other! Both Savannah and I are going to miss them so much when we leave. But for now we are just going to enjoy the time we have together!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I miss sleep...

Savannah sleeps like crap anymore. She is usually up at least once a night and it's a struggle to get her back to sleep. She used to go right back to sleep if I brought her to bed with us but that isn't the case anymore. She cries as soon as I lay down with her. But she's fine if I sit on the couch with her. We usually end up sleeping on the couch all night and that's a crappy sleep for me. It all started with Savannah's ear infection at the beginning of May. She's been back and put on different medicine and I was thinking it was better but with her not sleeping still, maybe another trip to the dr would solve this problem. We don't have insurance right now so it's at least $100 every time we go and I was just hoping this last time she'd be good until we got insurance in September. Pat switched jobs in March so we have to wait 6 months to get any. It just all around sucks. I really want her to sleep through the night before we head to NY!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

You know you're a parent when...

It's 10pm on a Saturday night and you're at home cuddled up in a blanket watching a movie. That's how most of my nights are anymore. I wouldn't trade it for the world but sometimes I think back to hanging out with friends all hours of the night having one too many beers and going to Waffle House at 2 in the morning.

Pat, Savannah and I went to a pool party today. It was a lot of fun. Savannah was very well behaved. We were in the pool for about 4 hours and she was loving it. I have no idea how we were in there for that long! The time kind of passed us by. It sucks because most people we hang out with don't have kids. And the ones that do live so stinking far away! I swear we always find friends at least an hour away. Luckily my child loves basically anyone that pays attention to her! Or feeds her any kind of junk food. She remembers them. It's kind of Funny. I am rambling and going nowhere right now! Well I guess I'm trying to say is that the pool was great on a nice, sunny day, the food was delicious right off the grill, and Pat and I make a pretty awesome child! :-)

Oh and I am looking for a swimsuit that floats for the kiddo. Anyone know where I can pick one up? Savannah thinks she can swim at times and likes to let go when I'm holding her. I need to get one soon. She doesn't get it after we went to the beach and she was able to go in by herself! She's little miss independent!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diaper rash cream is the devil...

Savannah has a horrible diaper rash right now! It's her first one ever let me add. The antibiotics shes on is doing it to her. The poor girl was hurting so bad yesterday evening so I busted out some cream a friend of mind blended for me. She works in a pharmacy so she knows little secrets! I stirred it up and put it on the couch. I had everything ready for the baby once she got out of the bath. Well I went to take her diaper off and she grabbed the container of cream. It would have been fine except I didn't put the lid on right so it went everywhere!!!!! Her outfit she was wearing is absolutely ruined. Bella, Savannah, the couch and I still smell like it too. I can't get it out of the cushion. I scrubbed until the couch fabric started getting weird. I ironed it and that didn't help at all. I am going to try a few other things and lets hope that something works! Luckily, our furniture is getting old. So we wouldn't mind getting new furniture! Lol.

On a better note, we will be heading up to NY on the 20th of this month. Savannah and I are driving up with my mom. Plane tickets have been outrageous and we haven't found any good deals. I hope Savannah is well behaved on the trip. I need some ideas on keeping a 16 month old entertained in a carseat! I am staying positive :-)