Monday, June 11, 2012

I miss sleep...

Savannah sleeps like crap anymore. She is usually up at least once a night and it's a struggle to get her back to sleep. She used to go right back to sleep if I brought her to bed with us but that isn't the case anymore. She cries as soon as I lay down with her. But she's fine if I sit on the couch with her. We usually end up sleeping on the couch all night and that's a crappy sleep for me. It all started with Savannah's ear infection at the beginning of May. She's been back and put on different medicine and I was thinking it was better but with her not sleeping still, maybe another trip to the dr would solve this problem. We don't have insurance right now so it's at least $100 every time we go and I was just hoping this last time she'd be good until we got insurance in September. Pat switched jobs in March so we have to wait 6 months to get any. It just all around sucks. I really want her to sleep through the night before we head to NY!!!!

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