Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diaper rash cream is the devil...

Savannah has a horrible diaper rash right now! It's her first one ever let me add. The antibiotics shes on is doing it to her. The poor girl was hurting so bad yesterday evening so I busted out some cream a friend of mind blended for me. She works in a pharmacy so she knows little secrets! I stirred it up and put it on the couch. I had everything ready for the baby once she got out of the bath. Well I went to take her diaper off and she grabbed the container of cream. It would have been fine except I didn't put the lid on right so it went everywhere!!!!! Her outfit she was wearing is absolutely ruined. Bella, Savannah, the couch and I still smell like it too. I can't get it out of the cushion. I scrubbed until the couch fabric started getting weird. I ironed it and that didn't help at all. I am going to try a few other things and lets hope that something works! Luckily, our furniture is getting old. So we wouldn't mind getting new furniture! Lol.

On a better note, we will be heading up to NY on the 20th of this month. Savannah and I are driving up with my mom. Plane tickets have been outrageous and we haven't found any good deals. I hope Savannah is well behaved on the trip. I need some ideas on keeping a 16 month old entertained in a carseat! I am staying positive :-)

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