Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weight lose diary...

The next couple of months I am going to use my blog to track my weight lose. Hopefully I will have some success at it! I decided to join Weight Watchers after talking to a friend and she told me that she had lost weight after only two weeks of being on the program. I really want to loose 20-25 pounds and figured since she was doing it, she could help me through it. I love that I can eat what I want and can (hopefully) loose weight while doing it!

DAY 1:
Tuesday was my first day on the program. I'm allowed 26 points every day. I ate 1/2 banana bread that morning. That thing was 3 points!!! It would have been 6 if I would have ate it all. It's crazy seeing food you ate all the time and realizing you could eat all your points in one sitting. I got a salad for lunch with Italian dressing. Horrible salad. It tasted dirty so I barely ate it. For snack I found that I could have salsa (0 points) and tostitos (4 points for 7 of the restaurant style). I was very happy about this! I love chips and salsa and it's not many points! I finished the evening with a veggie dog, sweet potato fries and a Popsicle. Can you believe I still had 7 points left!!! I could have had a beer :-)

DAY 2:
I'm getting better with the whole point system. I didn't eat breakfast this morning. Lunch was a pb sandwich and grapes. For dinner I had a veggie burger with cheese and without a bun, and chips and salsa. I also got an unsweetened tea at sonic in the afternoon since its 0 points. After I went grocery shopping, I was craving something sweet so I had a scoop of ice cream I had bought before I joined WW. It was 5 points but I still finished the day with 3 left so I was good to go.

I finally went shopping and got a ton of fruits and veggies so now it will be a little easier. They are 0 points so I shouldn't have a problem with staying under every day. Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks! :-)

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