Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby bedding...

I found the cutest baby bedding a few weeks ago and bought it the other day. We are going to be doing the nursery next weekend. It is going to look so cute! Here is a sneak peak of the bedding:

I really want to do letters spelling out Savannah's name but I'm not sure if I am going to yet. Her name is just too long and it might look a little funny. Maybe I'll do something else to incorporate her name in the room somehow.

Today was very exhausting. With the help from my step dad, Pat and I painted our kitchen, breakfast nook, hall and part of the living room. Hopefully we can finish up the living room tomorrow. My friend, Mercedes, came out and we went and did a little shopping. I got the baby two cute onsies from Old Navy. They are adorable! I also bought a wrought iron scroll to put in the living room. I'm so excited to hang it up. It is perfect for the wall I got it for.

With that being said, I am ready for bed! Night all!!!

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  1. WOO WOO! I got a shout out in Heather's blog! I love that bedding and I still think it would be ok to spell out all of Savannah. Either that or her initials!