Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a girl!!!

Last Friday was our big ultrasound and we found out we are having a girl! We will be naming her Savannah Hazel Burchard. She looks nice and healthy and is actually measuring in the 95 percentile right now. The dr said she will probably be a big baby. I was hoping for a little one!!! lol. But I am sure all that can change as the weeks go on. I lost weight in my first trimester and I have only gained one pound back. But these last few days I can feel that my appetite is picking up a bit so I am sure that will be changing soon!

I have been feeling Savannah move a lot more now. Usually at least once a day I can feel her wiggling around. I can't wait until Pat can feel her kick. It is such an amazing feeling. Or at least it is now. I know once she gets bigger and has no where to go, it wont be as awesome! haha.

We will be going to NY November 19th - 26th. We are so excited that all of our family and friends will get to see us before the baby comes. And I bet a lot are excited to see my baby bump that I will be sporting!

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