Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby no more...

Miss Savannah is still growing like a weed. Ally weighed her on the Wii the other day and she was 18 pounds! She is so heavy now!!! I'm so glad she enjoys riding along in the grocery cart. She still loves her Beco carrier which is great because I love wearing her and it makes it easier to get in and out of places. (This carrier was my best baby purchase. I never have back pain when wearing her. I've used it so much!) We went to the store a few weeks back and some lady had her purse where the kids usually sit and was so close to us that Savannah thought it would be a good idea to grab her purse straps! I apologized and the lady just laughed. This child has turned into a handful. When we are out and about if someone isn't paying attention to her, she will make sure she makes it known. She waves to everyone and smiles away when someone stops to chat with her. She just started clapping today!!! I get so excited whenever she does something new. She pulls herself up to a standing position and she can now creep along furniture. And she can crawl on her hands and knees, and she is fast!!!

My phone totally sucks and deleted every picture on my sd card. I tried getting them back but I don't know what I am doing exactly. So now I know that I can not trust my phone to hold all of our memories. I had videos of Savannah's first crawl and everything.

My Tupperware business is doing pretty good. I am sure people are sick of me begging them to have a party but it's hard with not having many family members here. I've been doing some vendor shows and getting some contacts so hopefully I will be able to keep growing. I love that it has allowed me to stay home with Savannah for this long and am hoping I can keep it up! I don't think I could go back to work now. I would be heartbroken if I missed something!

Tomorrow we are off to the Renaissance Festival. I am dressing Savannah up in her pirate costume. I hope once the sun comes out it wont feel too cold. It is supposed to be low 70's in the afternoon and only 60's in the morning....brrrrr.

This is from Ally's birthday party. I just love this picture!

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