Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I am not very good at keeping this blog up to date anymore. It's been two months since I last posted! Ooops! Savannah keeps me so busy these days. I am also taking a class to better myself in the Tupperware business so that means I go to two meetings a week right now.

Of course Savannah does some new things. She takes steps here and there, she dances to everything that sounds like music, she eats whatever she can find (food or not), and she can say some words. She says mom, dad, yes, no, hi, bye, dog, and bad dog. lol. She just learned that one when we were in NY. It was only said a few times and she picked it right up...I sure am in trouble with my potty mouth. She has 6 teeth too!

I am in full planning mode right now getting ready for her birthday party. We go on a cruise right before Savannah's birthday and I'll only have a few days when we return to get everything finished. So I need to get as much done as possible by the 8th of February. I started making the stuffed owls for the party favors this weekend. My grandma came over and helped cut everything out. I could have gotten a few done but my sewing machine was not being my friend and I spent a couple hours getting the bobbin from bunching up. Grrr!!! I so need a new machine. I love to sew but with having a bottom of the line Singer, it makes things hard. I found the perfect one and am hoping for Valentine's Day and my birthday I could get it! Just a little early, like this weekend so I can get my sew on. hehe. They are on hold and now I need to get the invites done so I can get them ready to go in the mail. Hopefully everything will come together in the end.

We went to NY for a week and got back last Tuesday. It was a lot of fun. Savannah saw snow but I didn't get any pictures. I wanted to but it was just sooooo cold I didn't want to be out in it any longer than I needed to be. She hated getting her hat and winter coat on every time we went outside. She had so much fun with her Grand daddy Milo, Grandma Laura, Uncle Buddy and Aunt Maddy though. She got to see some Aunts, Uncles and cousins too! And we can't forget about her bestie, Gracie!!!

Here are a few pictures of Savannah from the last few weeks. Let's see if I can actually post again before her first birthday.

I hope everyone has a great week and maybe I wont be such a stranger!

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