Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We finally decided on a crib and ordered it last night. My mom and step dad were nice enough to purchase it for us so it was one less expense we had to pay for. Thanks guys!!! We really appreciate it! =)  I didn't even realize that it had a drawer under the bed until I tried finding a picture to put on here. That will come in perfect for blankets and sheets.

We also purchased the matching changer and the crib mattress. Hopefully it will get here as soon as we get back from NY so we can paint the nursery and set it up.

I think now I will be more eager to finish the nursery since we have the furniture. We still have to order the glider but I found one already and will get that when we get back. We got a lot accomplished this weekend in the nursery. We went through everything and now it is an empty room. It is coming along slowly but surely. lol.

The baby had hiccups Sunday morning. It was so crazy. At first I thought she was just moving around a bunch and then I started paying attention and realized that it was definitely hiccups. Pat even got to feel them, which he thought was totally weird.

 I need to start doing some prenatal yoga soon. I just need to find one that looks cool and order it. My lower back has been killing me. It's so bad now that pain shoots down my right leg. I tried Tylenol but that didn't even touch it. I hope it's not too bad when we are at the airport on Friday cause sometimes it hurts so bad I can barely walk. And we have only 45 minutes to get to our next plane in Chicago. Which I am already freaking out about!!! But at least it's super early in the morning so we shouldn't have any problems.

Hope everyone has a great week! And to all my NY family and friends, I can't wait to see everyone this weekend!!!

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  1. Hopefully your back will get better soon. Sometimes it is the position the baby is in...if that is the case, let's hope she moves soon! Have someone get a wheelchair for you at the airport if it is still bad. They won't mind. Up to you...hope you feel better!!!!