Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween weekend...

We had so much fun this past weekend. The halloween party was a blast even though I couldn't drink. Pat drank enough for the both of us so it was I drank pink lemonade all night. There was some yummy food too! I dressed up as a bumblebee and Pat was too cool for a costume. Pat spray painted the shirt for me and I made the tutu. My first shirt didn't turn out too well because I used fabric to make the black stripes and it didn't stretch so I couldn't get it on. I started freaking out cause the party started in a few hours so Pat was nice enough to help me out! He calmed me down and got it done just in the knick of time.

Saturday we went to Dallas with my parents and Ally and saw the Sabres get their butts handed to them by the Stars. Even though they lost, I still loved every minute of the game. I wish hockey was bigger down here. It was always my favorite to watch. Even though the Sabres lost, and continue to loose this season, I will always be a fan! Oh and the AA center had the worse popcorn ever!!!

Last night, we handed out candy to all the cute trick or treaters. My parents came over and Ally went with my neighbors son to get some candy for herself. Of course I had to dress Benji and Bella up! Benji was a bat and Bella was a bumbleebee. I put on my antennas and tutu too! We ran out of candy in like an hour. I wish we would have gotten more but even if I would have doubled my candy intake I am pretty sure we would have ran out. If only I could have taken the dogs out, I could have scored big time! They are always a big hit with all the kids and they love petting them.

 Now on to the rest of the week! Monday has gone by pretty fast. Once I get home, I have to get stuff together for our camping trip Friday. I am hoping for some nice weather. As of right now, it's low 70s during the day and low 40s during the night. I really wish that it would warm up just a little bit more but as long as it's sunny we should be good. We have a busy week ahead of us but if Pat and I weren't busy, I think we'd have a problem. That's how we are. We like to go do things and have a good time. Hopefully the baby will like to be on the go too!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!


  1. Woo Hoo! I love the tutu and the doggies' costumes. You guys are adorable. Boo for Pat who thinks he's too cool to dress up. Need I remind you that Kennin still calls you "AUNT Pat"? That's not all that cool, Pat!

  2. So i saw a picture of a girl that was pregnant and for her costume she wore all black, and cut out a hole for her belly and painted her belly blue, with fish, and it looked totally like a fish bowl, one of the funniest things i have ever seen. Nick and i think that should have been your costume! LOL