Thursday, February 3, 2011

38 weeks...

I have two weeks left!!! Here is a collage of my belly throughout my pregnancy.

I sure have gotten big! I have gained 28 pounds. Hopefully I'll stay under 30...hehe. At my Dr. appt last week I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I can't wait to see what I am tomorrow. Hopefully I've progressed!!! We are supposed to get a bad snow storm tonight so I may not be able to make it to my appt. I really want to go so I don't want it to snow. Usually I am all for it since it doesn't happen that often in Houston. Oh well, who knows what is actually going to happen.

Tomorrow is also my last day of work. It's finally becoming all too real. I'm getting nervous, excited, happy, anxious...basically everything. We set up the bouncer a couple nights ago and this weekend we'll put together the swing. Savannah can come at any time so we have to finish getting everything ready. Lets hope she doesn't decide to come with this snow storm on the way. That would be my luck. I'm glad she has a snow suit just in case. I better put that in the hospital bag since this weather has been so crazy. It was 75 this past weekend. Then on Tuesday when I left for work at 6:45am it was 68. By the time I got to work 40 minutes later, it dropped down to 44. And the temperature has been dropping ever since. All I've got to say is brrr.

To all my Houston friends, stay safe today and tomorrow!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Go Steelers!!! hehe ;)

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  1. OOoh that collage is sweet. Where'd ya get that? Hahaha!