Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leaving baby...

This past weekend Pat and I had a truck show to go to. We left Savannah with my parents. It was the hardest thing ever to do. We both needed the break though and it was nice just to spend time with my husband. My parents said she was good too so that was a plus. My friend is expecting so it made it a little easier since we talked babies the whole time. The show was good but I was so ready to get home to my baby Sunday. It's horrible but I didn't think of Benji and Bella like I would have if I didn't have Savannah. I try my hardest to love on them but it's hard when you have an infant that wants your attention 24/7. They went to my uncles though and I'm sure they had fun. He has a doggy door so I am sure Benji was outside the whole time. Here are a few pics from the show...

 Hubby's truck

 Our friends truck - getting shot for Mini Truckin'

 I love rat rods

 I want an old Chevy

Pat and Jeremy's truck...and the camper we stayed in

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. It was nice staying it a camper rather than our usual tent. I had Tofurkey Beer Brats for the first time. They were alright. It was windy Friday and Sunday and the dust went everywhere. Pat got top 100. The trophy is pretty neat. It's a wooden barrel that you can actually use for beer or liquor. He also got some Mothers products. Hopefully one day soon Pat's truck will get done and he'll get a feature. Maybe next show...

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