Sunday, May 22, 2011

Figuring out baby...

So Savannah has not been a happy baby. It's weird. She was the perfect little thing until she turned a month old. I remember the day she just kept crying and crying. We were in Florida (without Pat) and I just wanted to cry right along with her. I actually did. No one could soothe her except her bath but as soon as she got out it was back to screaming. My mom was a big help. We thought she was getting sick but that wasn't the case. Well fast forward to three months and we are possibly getting somewhere, finally. The doctor put her on Prevacid a couple weeks back. I was giving it to her but she would still have fits so then I thought I would try Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas and not give her the medicine. This was last Tuesday. She is doing so much better. She cries but she is a baby. She doesn't freak out to where we can't soothe her. I am hoping it will all finally get better and not go back to how it was again.

I am completely done with pumping. Savannah is a formula fed baby now. I am proud for giving her breast milk until she was 2 months old and then being occasionally formula supplemented until 3 months old. Then I gave her breast milk bottles at night until I finally decided I was done. I wasn't sure if it was my milk that was making her tummy hurt so I wanted to start formula only.

Today we went to our god daughters first dance recital. She was all too cute up there dancing her little heart out and all dolled up. She sure is growing up fast!!! Savannah loved it and actually watched the show. She was just staring at the stage the whole time and didn't make a peep. She barely napped today so maybe tonight she'll sleep through the night for She has yet to do it and I wish for that night every time I get ready for bed. Hopefully it will be soon....Wish me luck!

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