Monday, May 16, 2011

My thumb sucking three month old...

Savannah is already 3 months old!!! These last few months sure have gone by fast. She is sitting in her bumbo, jumping in her jumperoo, getting very strong and laughing and cooing when people talk to her. It is so awesome. She has started sucking her thumb and fingers. It is so cute but I would rather her take a paci. At least I could take that away when it's time. I still give her one during the day but she usually just plays with it. The Prevacid that she is on seems to be working really well. She is such a happy baby for the most part of the day now. She does get cranky at the end of the day so I am thinking the medicine might wear off a little too soon for her. But she is soooo much better.

We had a great weekend. Savannah went to her first car show at Clear Lake VW. It was suchn a beautiful day. Pat had some work to do at his shop in the evening so Savannah and I went to my cousins and hung out for a bit then went to my Uncles for the rest of the night. We were outside all day. I love when it's this nice out. Today Pat and I went to a swap meet with my step dad and uncle. We got an old Radio Flyer that Pat wants to redo. We're thinking of putting a wooden floor in it. It's going to look awesome when it's done. The rest of the day we just hung out inside lounging around. We took the baby for a walk and then she went to sleep. I went to the neighbors and enjoyed the outside some more. I hope we continue to have this awesome weather.

Here is some proof that our daughter is a thumb sucker...hehe

Have a great week!

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