Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy, busy...

We have been so busy lately. I decided to sell Tupperware, we went to New York, we've had visitors, and Savannah has already turned 6 months old!!!! She goes to the doctor tomorrow and even though I'm not looking forward to her shots, I can't wait to hear how much she's grown. She is already in 6-9 month clothes. Some 6 months she can wear but they are getting small.

We had a great time in NY. Pat had to stay back in Texas since he had work so Savannah and I flew up with my mom and sister, Ally. She did so good on the flight. She slept and played and didn't cry. I was so relieved. I was nervous that she would have a melt down. We had a scary flight on the way back though. It was from Buffalo to Baltimore and we hit really bad turbulence. We all flew up in our seats and the people that already had their drinks had it all over them. It was crazy seeing the drinks fly in the air. I was so afraid!!!! Savannah was in my lap and I was just ready to be on the ground. On our flight from Baltimore to Houston they let me bring her car seat since it wasn't a full flight so I was way more relaxed. She will never sit on my lap again when we fly.

Other than the flight, we had a great time seeing family and friends. We were extremely busy while we were there so I am sorry for all the ones I didn't get to see! I was also sick so that kind of sucked too. We had a wedding, reception, family picnic, went to the 4H Fair, ate lots of ice cream and pizza, hung out with lots of family and Savannah got to meet her bestie, Gracie. Gracie didn't like the fact that Savannah was getting attention from her mommy and daddy but that is to expected from a 1 year old that has never had another baby stay in her house.

This last month Savannah has grown a lot. She can now roll over from back to front and front to back, sit up (almost) on her own, hold her bottle, eat her toes, walk backwards in her walker, walk when you hold her hands and she eats like crazy. She also loves the pool and will put her face in the water and kick her feet when she's on her belly. Oh and she likes to grab anything in front of her!!!!

Since I have too many pictures to post, I decided to put them in a collage. And since it's taking too long and Savannah is getting fussy, I will have to post the rest of the pictures later.

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  1. Sorry we missed you and Savannah, Heathie~ You're both looking absolutely beautiful! Love the blog!