Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super bowl...

I don't watch football so I could care less who wins but for the super bowl I always pick a team. I picked the Giants and they won. We went to my cousins house for a party and it was a lot of fun. We've been so busy with packing And laundry so it was nice to just hang out. Savannah is getting to the age where she wants to be with the other kids. It is adorable. She had a blast tonight. She is understanding the whole walking process better abs instead of falling down all the time when she gets off balance she'll fix it and keep going. This morning she practically ran to her toys. It was awesome. Back to the party though.... Lol. We got to see lots of people. Eat yummy food, Nick made his famous chili bit it wasn't for me since he doesn't love us vegetarians. Hehe. He apologized for not making me some. And Savannah got to play with all the other kids. Now back to getting ready for Florida!!!

Oh and she LOVED that kitchen!!!! She was in heaven.

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