Monday, February 20, 2012

We're back!!!

Well we are back from the cruise. We have left Florida and will get home this evening. I can't wait for this car ride to be over. I hope Savannah survives. Lol.

The cruise was amazing. We ate, ate and ate. Did I mention we ate?! Lol the food was pretty good and they always had vegetarian options at dinner. The ports were awesome. St Thomas was my favorite. We went to Meagens bay and it was beautiful. I have a ton of pictures but they are not on my phone. I'll be adding them all to my Facebook at some point this week. I could go on and on about all the things we did. Shows, food, sun and relaxing sums it up though.

Savannah's first birthday was pretty great. We got a huge cupcake from a place in the ship and had a little celebration where we all sang to her and ate cake. It was delicious. She got a dog that has a zipper and buttons from aunt Debbie and uncle Scott and a puppet book from aunt Ida and Abigail.

Before we left on the cruise, Felicia had some of her friends over abs she bought Savannah the cutest cake. Her aunt fe and uncle John got her a fish tank and all the accessories She also got a doll, an outfit and a stuffed dog. She was spoiled. Oh and she got books, a popper, sandals a hat and sunglasses from her grandma deb and great grandma and great grandpa.

Now I have to get ready for Savannah's birthday party on Saturday. I've got owls to sew, banners to make and decorations to buy. I'm going to be busy!!!!! Hope you all have an amazing week! Wish me luck on getting all this stuff done in time :-)

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