Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby moving around...

When I posted yesterday I forgot to write about the most exciting part of my day. I think I felt the baby move. I got to work and started working away when I got a fluttering feeling in my belly. It happened about four times and only for a few seconds each time but I definetely have not felt anything like this before. I thought it was too early but I looked it up and some people say they start feeling the fluttering around 12 weeks. So maybe it was baby, or maybe it was just I'll just keep thinking it was the baby though! I can't wait until I can actually start feeling more movement. I am so excited for that part. But I am not too excited for when the baby is ready to come out and beats you up from the inside. 

The baby is the size of a lemon this week. And, it has a layer of hair all over it's body. Weird, right? It's to keep the baby warm until it gets some fat on its bones and then the hair will go away.

I have been thinking about using cloth diapers. Not totally sold on it but have read of people saving a ton of money and it's better on the baby's skin. We'll see....I am thinking it will be too much work. But I am probably going to buy one and possible try them out. They are also adorable! Which is a plus!!! Anyone ever try cloth diapers before?


  1. Cloth diapers...yucko!! But if you can hack it, go for it!!

  2. I second that Beth. Feeling the baby move was the coolest part to me. I definitely miss it! You had better hurry up and have that kid... you're giving me baby fever!!!!!