Monday, August 30, 2010

A nice and relaxing weekend...

Friday night, Pat decided to go to the track with a friend. I really didn't feel like going and hanging out so I decided to stay in and have my first attempt at loom knitting. It looked way harder than it was. I am so glad I tried it out rather than watching tv or doing something unproductive. I decided I would make a baby hat. My sister, Felicia, got this for me for Christmas a while back and she had even got me yarn. I was always too overwhelmed with the instructions to try it though! The baby hat turned out super cute. I was so proud of myself. It's not the best hat ever but for my first time, I'll take it. I am now hoping I can find a book and try to make a blanket or something else fun for the baby.

Saturday, My mom, Ally, Arlene and I hung out at my mom's pool in her subdivision. It was so nice out. We had a great time and even got some sun. Then Arlene and I went back to my house and I made burgers on the grill. I thought grilling would be much more difficult but it wasn't bad at all. Now I can make Pat more things on the grill! I am so glad the evenings are starting to cool down again! I got to hang out and chat with my neighbor and enjoy the fresh outdoors without sweating my butt off.

Sunday, Pat went and got another tattoo done. His friend (and the one that does tattoos), Jeff, has a pool so I got to swim all day while Pat was getting tortured inside the house...hehe. Since they have a big pool, I swam my little heart out. My legs are sore today. I love the water. I could stay in the pool all day as long as I don't get super cold and there isn't lots of people in there. His wife, Christina, made some yummy nachos, 7 layer dip and turkey burgers on the grill. The nachos were sooo good. I had a great weekend!

As for baby, nothing new. Pat and I were laying in bed yesterday morning and I felt my stomach and one side was super hard and the other side wasn't as hard. I think it was the baby...hehe. I had Pat feel too. It was pretty neat. A few minutes later, I felt the spot again and the baby must have moved. It still feels crazy to me that I am pregnant. I am so blessed and excited for February to come. We have lots of stuff to get done around the house before then. We've been waiting to see what we are having and then we'll have to get moving on cleaning out the guest room to make into a nursery. I can't wait! Just a few more weeks and we'll know what we are having!!!

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