Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car seats

Ever since my little sister, Ally, was born I have hated the infant car seat. The one where you can carry your baby everywhere. Letting them swing from one side to next and back and forth. Yes, they have their advantages. You don't have to take a sleeping baby out of the car seat to go into a store, you have somewhere to keep them if you go out to dinner, etc. But they also have there disadvantages. The baby gets to go for a ride whenever someone is carrying them, the kid outgrows it by the time they are 6 months old, and the older they get, the heavier it is. So, I have decided against that kind of car seat. I may change my mind as the time passes and the bigger I get but as for now I am sticking to my guns.

I have always wanted a Britax. Ever since my cousin would show me all the awesome things when she was pregnant with her first little girl and I would keep it in the back of my head for when my time came to buy baby things. I was online the other day on a forum I go to regularly and they had a post about a two day sale at FAO Schwarz and I saw baby items after it. I just had to check it out. As I was browsing the different things they had, I saw it. I saw the car seat that I wanted. It was cute and neutral. I just had to have it. I knew if I didn't bite the bullet at that moment I may not get my Britax. So I bought it. My husband probably thought I was going crazy when I sent him a text that told him I had just bought a car seat but I told him it was on sale and I got a good deal. He just laughed at me. So here it is, the baby's car seat that they can sit in from 5lbs all the way up to 65lbs.

I know it was a little early to be buying things but when you can get a $330 car seat for $141 shipped then you just gotta do it! So if I decide on an infant car seat then this will go in the Hubby's truck and we'll use it in there. That way, I can still use this awesome car seat.

This car seat also gets great safety ratings (another reason I wanted the Britax) and amazing customer reviews. Hopefully when the little blob comes, they like it to!

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